QX Journal
QX Journal is a journal/diary/notebook for Linux. it was written in RealBasic. It was tested on Ubuntu, but it should work with all Linux distros. QXJournal is 32bit, so if you have 64bit Linux, make sure you have the 32bit libraries installed.

It has the following features:

QX Journal is Freeware and may be distributed freely.

It is possible to change and save the text color and background color, but it's not possible to save the color information to the rtf and html format due to  some limitations in RealBasic.

clean up the code, pdf export, printing

Version 0.9:
Open a terminal window and type:
wget http://qxjournal.tsx.nl/files/qxjournal-0.9.tgz
tar zxvf qxjournal-0.9.tgz
cd qxjournal-0.9
These lines will download and install QX Journal and create an entry in the 'Office' menu. You can also type qxjournal.

You can reach me at frank.hendriksen -at- gmail.com if you have have any comments, ideas, bugs.